There’s a Way

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Gifted college student, Molly Mae Seymour, gave little thought to her college writing assignment. What began as an insignificant science fiction story about a sonic weapon, put into motion a series of threatening events with worldwide consequences. Molly’s professor, Bobby Smith lived a double life as a high-stakes gambler. When his world crumbled he was desperate to pay off his gambling debts or find himself at the bottom of the river. He believed the weapon Molly described had the potential to destroy. All he needed was the highest bidder.

Newly engaged, Molly hoped for a normal life, but when some people regarded her as neurotic and paranoid, she found unlikely alliances in a quest to defend her sanity. A twisted tale of sonic weapons, Russian collusion, high stakes gambling, and cryptic codes, There’s a Way takes you through a labyrinth of surprises.