If There’s a Will

Gift shop owners, Roy and Lola Ambrose suddenly disappear during a hot air balloon ride in the Canary Islands, off the northwest coast of Africa. When search and rescue teams find personal belongings but no bodies, Roy and Lola are declared dead. Their four daughters, Luella, Olivia, Vera and Emma are faced with the confusing task of finding the will and settling the estate. The process leads them to unexpected discoveries of gold coins, rare bottles of wine, Swiss banks, and a tangled thread between the Sinaloa drug cartel and the United States Government.

High on a hill in Red Rock Cemetery is a grave with a clue to the past, present and future. The birth and death of Charity Ambrose are immortalized on the gravestone but no public record of her exists. Their trail of discovery leads from the pages of a dog-eared King James Bible to a musty coin shop, from a wine cellar to the Costa Rican rain forest, from inner demons to executioners. In their search, they discover the answers to many of life’s questions aren’t always simple.

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